"The supporting actors do an admirable job in multiple roles, especially the hilarious and adorable Sebastian, who plays Heather’s roommate, a secretary, and Porter’s ex-wife."

Lonely, I'm Not at Second Stage NYC
by Paul Weitz, directed by Trip Cullman

"The show's standout performer, however, is Maureen Sebastian. She tackles three seemingly stock characters -- Porter's obnoxious ex-wife Carlotta, Heather's meek secretary Wendy, and especially, Heather's too-chirpy lesbian roommate Claire -- and delivers each with truly consummate flair, stealing scene after scene." 

Lonely, I'm Not​ with Topher Grace & Olivia Thirlby

"The shining star of this adventure is Sebastian as the sexually vibrant but emotionally distant Tong. In both her on-again, off-again rapport with Quang and her pitched battles with her mother ... Sebastian injects this show with a compelling immediacy."

Vietgone  at South Coast Repertory

by Qui Nguyen, directed by May Adrales

"Plunkett and Sebastian have both shined in previous roles, but those performances gave no indication of the level of talent they display here. Both actors take Mensch's multilayered and detailed script ... and elevate it to another level."

Now Circa Then at Ars Nova

"Plunkett and Sebastian give superb performances, mining the text for every possible joke, at times even surpassing the material (Sebastian in particular demonstrates impeccable comic timing)."

Now Circa Then at Ars Nova

"...it’s [Maureen's] portrayal of Margie proper that really gives the play its depth. A little bit crazy, a little bit sad, a little bit desperate, Margie careens from extreme to extreme... Sebastian’s portrayal is so volatile that we’re not sure whether she’ll pull it out until the end of the show."

Now Circa Then at Ars Nova

by Carly Mensch, directed by Jason Eagan

"This play benefits from some fine performances, including Maureen Sebastian’s as the giggly Upper East Sider Josephine."

Both by Emily Chadick Weiss at Ensemble Studio Theatre

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